Artistic Mediums


As an artist, Geoff Gibbons works with a variety of different mediums including print, drawing, and watercolour.


Printmaking has been central to my art practice since I made my first etchings under the guidance of Franz Kempf at the SA School of Art. Since then I have extended my knowledge of various printmaking processes via further courses, specialised workshops, experimentation and practice.

Teaching printmaking for many years within the TAFE system gave me the opportunity to extend my range of skills and revise earlier modes of practice. I have also benefited from periods of more intensive involvement in printmaking via some overseas artist residencies in Italy and China.



Drawing is an essential part of my art practice. I like to keep several sketchbooks in play, some to record visits to various locations on travels, and others to explore ideas and images that may result in work in other media such as etchings, watercolour, mixed media, or larger format drawings.



Although I have painted in both oils and acrylic, I have rediscovered watercolour in more recent years and find its qualities complement some of the aspects I want to explore in other media.